Madrory's Space
My Home from Home.

On this site you will find details about some of my hobbies, and some journals of trips/tours that I have been on. It isn't updated that often but please check back, as any news is posted here.

I live in Coron, Philippines, where I teach people how to Scuba Dive! I also manage a Web Hosting service.

I am building a web hosting solution and dynamic DNS solution for Web Glasgow.

I enjoy travelling around the world and around my home country, and keep a log of my tours. Most recent trip: Pacific Rim Tour.

I am involved with the development of Halesin which is the engine driving this web site.

I have spent a lot of my time since 1994 on the Internet, and have been writing web pages since that time. I am self taught in C, PERL, PHP and HTML, recently including SQL (PostGreSQL / MySQL), and am able to use other languages as needed.

Some people have also commented that I hid my picture, so here they are.

I like taking photos, so have a page for the various albums that I have uploaded.