Baltic Tour 2007
Tour of Estonia, Finland and Sweden.

I went on holiday for 3 weeks.
This is my notes.
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I also took a few videos at Ruisrock, which can be found here.


Flight 3445
Check in 4.45am
Depart 6.45am
Arrive 11.30am

I awoke fairly early and cycled to the Tent to take back one of the tour bikes for Jon. I booked on to the cycle tour and enjoyed learning about the local area.
We went to the Flea market where we were set the challenge of finding something for 5 EEK (less than 50p!)
The winner managed to find a digital watch that didn't work.
After that we went past the oil depot, which was empty due to the Russians routing the oil through Lithuania instead (in reaction to the May rioting). We then made our way to the harbour to see some of europe's oldest remaining prefab concrete domes, and the Lembit submarine, given to Estonia by the brittish in 1947, then requisitioned by the Russians during the occupation.
After the sub we went to visit the old prison, which had to be closed due to a strange fungus growing.
Coming back in to the old town we learned about the memorial to a ship which sunk off the coast of Sweden in the 1990's.
After the bike tour I wandered around the upper part of the old town and then headed back to the hostel to check my emails.
When I got back, Lowrie was getting asking for help making a cake to see some Australians off, the cake ended up a disastour and so we turned it in to an ice cream dish. We spend some time on the rooftop enjoying the view and learning about how their painting trade works.