Finland 2013
A trip to Finland to visit friends and dance the dance of vitality
Photos to follow.


I got up early, and headed to Kenzo's for some breakfast rolls, but they were closed! So I had to make do with Greggs ... omnomnom!
After picking out many many t-shirts for the dance and sorting out all my kit I was finally ready, and headed to the bus station.
The bus controller guy was unhappy at the bus still being loaded, however it meant that I could get straight on the bus to the airport so I wasn't too bothered :)
Rather then getting off the bus on the A8 petrol station, and walking to the airport, I decided to get off at Haymarket, and caught the 100 to the airport instead.
I was about 20 mins early for check-in, so I went and had a cup of tea and a panini to pass the time and sate some lunch time hunger pangs.
The first elements of chaos started to creep in to the day, with the failure of the check in computer system. All airlines had to wait while they rebooted the system. I am assuming it was a reboot, as everything came back after 10 minutes :)
I checked in, and dropped off my rucksack in the "oversize luggage" conveyor, and headed through security.
On reaching the terminal, I learned that my flight was delayed by 75 minutes, with no explanation, so I sat near a departures board and read an e-book to pass the time, remembering the words of wisdom from my Uncle John:
Once you have made it to the airport on time, you are in the hands of the transport Gods, there is no use stressing over delays, there is nothing you can do about it and the airlines are compelled to help resolve any issues.
This didn't stop me from muttering "I don't believe it!" when I saw my flight had been delayed another 45 minutes! I was glad I had decided to grab a few sandwiches at the newsagent store!
We finally boarded the plane and the captain explained that the reason there had been such a delay was that they had been diverted from Copenhagen to Stavanger due to a medical issue.
The flight itself was mostly uneventful, but I did notice by reading the brochure in the seat that they provided free Wi-Fi! As such, I felt it was compulsary to update facebook while at 30,000 ft :)
Coming in to land in Copenhagen, I saw a great piece of engineering, joining Malmö in Sweden to Copenhagen in Denmark ... a huge bridge and tunnel over-under the sea. Search for Öresundsbron to find pictures ... as we were landing I had to have my phone turned off.
As the flight was so late, everyone who had a connection was asked to report to the transfer help desk, so we wandered there but nobody was on hand to help us out! Eventually someone advised us of our options, and I learned that my connecting flight was also delayed by an hour!
I texted Johanna to let her know of the delays and she advised me of a new plan to get the key to me so that I didn't have to wake her up at 1am.
We eventually landed in Helsinki airport, at around 12, and since I had only eaten a sandwich for dinner, I went and got another sandwich!
I found the right bus stop and bus, and finally got in to the B+B at around 1.30am. Grateful for having arrived, I promptly went to sleep!