Finland 2013
A trip to Finland to visit friends and dance the dance of vitality
Photos to follow.

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I woke up quite late (Finnish time), that being around 1030h, and made my way to the kitchen where I was able to greet Johanna. She advised me the best places to go shopping for food, and told me a couple of places I should visit while I was there.
I got some groceries for the weekend to come: Museli for breakfasts, ham roll and chees and bread for lunches. I spent a long time looking at the fridge with all the different kinds of milks, and saw that there was some with AB kultur, and decided that would be more likely to be yoghurt rather than milk. I eventually found one that looked like milk from the carton, and opted for that.
I got back to the B+B and was quite hungry by then so I made up some museli and found out that I had actually bought sour cream, not milk! Oh well, it actually went really well with the museli, it just meant I had no milk for my cups of tea!
My first touristy point of call was the Sibelius Monument in Sibeliuksenpuisto, so I took the route suggested by Johanna, going north of töölönlahti, and then west from there. After crossing the railway line I found the path around töölönlahti, and also an exercise point - there is a circuit around the whole of töölönlahti where you can stop off at these exercise points and do sit-ups, bench presses, hop on logs, chin ups, all sorts - for the fitness freaks of Helsinki!
As I got to the Finlands nationalopera, I started to recognise my surroundings, as this was where I had stayed back in 2007 before heading to Turku. I kept going, feeling that Helsinki had somehow gotten a little bit smaller, and made it to the Sibelius Monument. I discovered at this point that it was a very popular tourist attraction, with huge crowds gathered, so I am not sure if I got anything like the kinds of photos I wanted to ... I will have to come back later!
I headed back to the station, and met up with Sesse. First thing on the agenda for me was to get an adapter so that I could charge my phone and so we found a store that sold that kind of thing and I got myself a dual USB charging point.
We then went to Suomenlinna which is a sea fortress that was used to protect Helsinki from all various Baltic sea based attacks. Many photos were taken of all kinds of things, and I sampled Karjalan piirakka and some Russian tea.
After we had reached kuninkaanportti (King's Gate), we headed back to the mainland and got a tram to a nice restaraunt "Soul Kitchen" which had funky menus that looked like vynil lps :) I had a traditional Finnish meal that resembled Stovies, and it was delicious!
We wandered back down to Hakaniemi where I bid farewell to Sesse, and then walked the few hundred meters back to the B+B