Finland 2009
A trip to a summer log cabin in Finland with the Parkkinen/Brown family.

Pictures are now uploaded here.

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Packed early but still only just got the 747 from partick breakfast was a 'big breakfast toostie' and a cup of tea in the airport I have arrived through security eith 1 hour to spare, this always being the best policy. the wait in the lounge will be over soon.. time for some music! I took the tube from London City Airport to Heathrow, and now have a boring wait. it took 20 minutes to get through security On the flight near Helsinki, above the orange misty veil of cloud. very beautiful :) I met Päivi and Jenna off the plane, and got in the car for the remaining 2.5-3 hour drive to Ryökäsvesi.

I slept late and woke up to glorious sunshine. Jenna was on the trampoline, and wanted me to photograph her 'levitating'. I tried to jump some myself but only lasted a minute.. trampolining is hard work! We went for a walk to a sheltered beach by the lakeside, and I was coaxed in to swimming. Afterwards we went to wait for the Ice Cream van so we would have plenty of supplies for the rest of the break. A barbeque meal for dinner, followed by the first of many beautiful sunsets.

We went to Hirvensalmi in the morning, as I needed anti histamine.. the mosquitoes had got me yesterday and I had swollen up like a balloon. More trampolining when we got back, and generally a lazy day. Sauna followed by a swim in the lake made it very relaxing :)

Today was a trip to Mikkeli. I was introduced to a sort of apple pastry thing with lots of sugar, and we looked around the square while waiting for laundry to be done. Another Sauna / Lake Swim evening.. I could get used to this lifestyle!