LE JoG 2000
Bike Tour from Land's End to John O' Groats via the three peaks. Summer 2000.

In aid of RNIB and Alzheimer Scotland.



Land's End - Liskeard ()

Tough day.. wow, Cornwall has hills, I didn't think it was so hilly. Glorius sunshine for most of the day, though there was one shower. We were quite tired after this first day. Our support guy made us a great stew, well liked, and we camped just West of Liskeard.


Liskeard - Exeter ()

We went through Liskeard and over Dartmoor to Exeter.. Dartmoor hills are even more impressive.. The view from the tops though were great, with a platau there, and seeing places I have only seen on the telly before. Stayed at the top for Lunch, and then went on to Exeter.. made 46 mph around a right angle corner, only just missing a car, but that made it more exiting. Stopped at a filling station to the northwest of Exeter, and camped a little way east again. Person at the filling station wanted change, so we gave her 30 UKP of it (she gave us back in big notes), and she didn't even give any money to our cause.. blah.