USA 2008

My trip to NE USA will take my from NYC to Buffalo via Rochester NY, Buffalo to Chicago IL, then Cleveland OH, before coming back through Niagara Falls, and Toronto.

I seem to be writing quite a bit for each day, so use the Prev and Next links to go from day to day

I got a copy of all the photos taken on Coriander's camera, these can be viewed here.


Sat 05 Flight GLA -> DUB -> JFK, arrives
Sun 06 Check out some sites in NYC
Mon 07 Site seeing in NYC
Tue 08 Meet with Ladida!
Wed 09 Travel to Rochester, hi Scott and Coriander!!
Thu 10 Partay!
Fri 11 Wedding, BIGGER partay!!
Sat 12 Sore head at Niagra Falls
Sun 13 Chicago - Candle
Mon 14 Chicago - DarkGoddess
Tue 15 Chicago -> Cleveland
Wed 16 Put in Bay
Thu 17 Put in Bay
Fri 18 Put in Bay
Sat 19 Toronto
Sun 20 Actually see some of Toronto for once
Mon 21 Yay Toronto tourism trade!
Tue 22 Flight leaves Toronto ...
Wed 23 Flight arrives Glasgow -> SLEEEP!!
Thu 24 **** WORK RULES, BOOO! ****